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Re-Imagining Our Footprint

As we move forward into 2021, the climate crisis becomes ever more urgent. Artists are by nature consumers of raw materials and makers of objects. There is a certain irony in making things to talk about overproduction, or in a painting about climate change when the paint is made of plastic. 
We invited artists to respond to the following questions.

How can we deliver a message about climate change and be more thoughtful about the materials we use?
How can we be more responsible as individuals and as a society?
How can we as a society, and as artists, improve our environmental impact? 
How do you envision our future environmental footprint? 
ReImagining Our Footprint will run through February 28, 2021.
Gallery Hours:
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 10–3
Friday Saturday Sunday 10–5
Appointments are an option for virtual and actual visits outside the normal open hours.


Participating Artists : Alison Moncrieff | Andrée Singer Thompson | Artists Beyond Boundaries | Celena Peet | Donna Mekeda Bradley | Durba Sen | Elizabeth Addison | Gina Papen | Hannah Skoonberg | Juliet Mevi | Lancelot Fraser | Laura Abrams | Namita Paul | Nicole Rose Gelormino | Pamela Blotner | Priscilla Birge | Rena Charles | Stephanie Siehr | Trudi Boskin | Vicki Gunter | Yessenia Rivera

We are still building this page, all the artworks will be online soon.

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