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Fragments: Marking Time

B’We~ Seven Visual Artists

Pam Fingado | Lisa Greenstein | Malka Helfman Pam Johnson | Tomye Neal-Madison Anne Shulenberger | Madelin Wolf

Each of the seven members of B’WE, presents her interpretation of the theme, Fragments: Marking Time. Creating art gives us the strength and resolve to remain unflappable and to carry on during troublesome conditions which include this fragmented time. When we get together to discuss and critique one another’s art, it’s a very stimulating exchange. Often what we share are inspirational ideas and art related information. We value our friendships and support of one another. That reliance is especially more acute now, when it’s so important to stay grounded in our personal lives and as active artists. Our visual communication is shared as women’s cultural input, contributing to the transformation of an expanding world view.
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