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May Lo - Enter: Subconscious

In the Gallery through May 30, 2021

Artist Statement

For years now, I’ve struggled with finding my artistic voice. The conflict wasn’t obvious to me immediately. Little by little, it would seep out, by way of questioning and self-doubt. I’d catch myself wondering, is this good enough? Am I good enough? Constantly, I was torn between doing what came naturally, versus doing what I thought others wanted to see. High expectations of oneself and one’s work is a double-edged sword. At its worst, it blinds us and we forget why we embarked on this artistic journey in the first place.

This body of work was a conscientious experiment in letting the subconscious take control. Rather than focusing on what I could see or what I knew to be true, I allowed myself to create without judgment. By ignoring my own preconceptions and expectations, I uncovered a pathway for artistic connections to flourish. My deliberately spontaneous approach made me uncomfortable at first. An intentional effort was made to resist the urge in correcting and overthinking every mark. Eventually, a realization occurred. I stopped searching and hoping for visual queues and instead, let them reveal on their own. This newly found creative freedom resulted in truly organic forms, with no distinct beginning or end.

Artist Bio

May was born in Los Angeles, California, to Chinese immigrants. Her family came to the Bay Area when she was about two and settled into Marin County. From there on, she would have to move a dozen more times - jumping from school to school, adjusting to different neighborhoods, and making new friends along the way. Change became a constant, leaving a permanent impression on her approach to art. She finds endless inspiration in her natural surroundings and has a fondness for human anatomy. Her work has been featured at the de Young and SFMOMA museum stores in San Francisco, under the name TIMMY MAYS.

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