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Moonji Lee Pickering - In Search of Light

빛을 찾아서

August 3 - 30, 2021

Artists Reception Saturday August 14, 3-6pm

Artist Statement:

It all started when I got a call from my Mom saying that my Grandmother had passed away. Due to the Covid lockdown I couldn’t fly back to Korea, so I mourned my loss by remembering precious memories I shared with her. I remembered snapshots of happy moments and her warm smile. Reminiscing felt like I was reliving one of my favorite moments of looking at photo books with my grandparents and learning about the roots of our family. 

I thought deeply about Korea and what it was that connected me to my home, and what it is that connects me to California which is my new home. This body of work represents the idea of connecting to a place during a time of limited access to new experiences, by getting in touch with what I loved about old experiences. 

Artist Bio

MoonJi moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2016. She began her career as an artist while discovering California and its culture. Her approach towards choosing subjects and mediums was influenced by her education in Architecture Design. She learned that unique and extravagant designs and features may get attention at first, but can quickly become boring rather than timeless. Moonji delights in common and familiar elements that are sometimes overlooked or ignored and believes that those who see the beauty in common elements around them are able to see the world as a piece of art. In line with her philosophy, she uses Colored Pencils as her main medium and her subjects are nature, animals, and ordinary matters.

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