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Curated by Farnaz Zabetian

Mostafa Akhavass | Nasib Elahimehr | Maryam Farahzadi | Sora Kheiry | Dariush Nehdaran | Dana Nehdaran | Nazanin Parviz | Maggie Parvaneh | Golnaz Shahmirzadi | Farnaz Zabetian

Reception for the Artists Saturday March 11, 3-6pm 

There are still many repressive societies that consider women's bodies crime scenes. They consider women a threat to the purity and chastity of their world. They want to forcefully wash others of the perceived sins.
The artists in this exhibit want to show their opposition to how women's bodies have been oppressed or suppressed by others, through mandates to wear the hijab and other means. Hair has been used by women as a symbol in their rebellion against that oppression. They use their hair to take back their bodies. This is not an individual action, rather, it is a collective movement against the subjugation of women by those in power brutally enforcing their rules for wearing the hijab.
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