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Daria Davydova - Silent Talks

Artist Statement/Bio

“My name is Daria Davydova. I am a ceramics and visual artist born in Kyiv, Ukraine where I spent most of my life. With MA in Japanese language and literature I also lived some time in Japan and travelled a lot around the world. I now live in San Francisco, where I came with my 3 year old daughter after the full scale war in Ukraine have started. I do ceramic faces. I do ceramic people.

With the world being so open now to all kinds of communication and interaction it became even harder for people to find true connection with others. Not the superficial one, but the one that gives power, love, inspiration, the one that gives comfort. I call my faces “silent companions”. They are made to give an emotion, they bring life, thought, conversation to the one who is interacting with them. All of my ceramics are hand made and hand painted. I work in two different styles, rough sculpting and delicate painting. I love to experiment with different types of clay and approaches. I came from a very creative family, my parents and grandparents were all into something – music, art, antiques, jewelry. I am in love with it all from my childhood. Ceramics is a very special medium for me as it lets me both sculpt and draw. With every piece made I never stop admiring the thought that I am actually doing what our ancestries did centuries ago – it is the same clay, fire and human hands.”

-Daria Davydova

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