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Anjelica Colliard - Come In Through My Window

August 3 - 30, 2021
Artists Reception Saturday August 14, 3-6pm

Artist Statement

Come In Through My Window is a look into Colliard's magic plant series and the universe it comes from. Through mixed media works on paper, Colliard invites you to see into brightly colored botanical worlds, where swirling plants glow with magic energy; gentle figures pose peacefully, inviting you inside. Playful shapes dance inside of decadent frames. These works tickle at a hidden sense of wonder and a look into a brighter future.

Artist Bio

A. Colliard (b. 1990) is an artist based in Oakland, California. They hold a BFA from the University of California, Berkeley. This is their third solo show, including their 2017 show Between the Leaves that featured a 60’ botanical mural piece. They have created work for Airbnb and FrameStudio, among others. They also have worked as a printmaking monitor at Max’s Garage Press and are a cofounder and organizer of Good Omen Market in Oakland.

They make work to give their eyes a place to rest and to dance. Their work imagines lush plant-filled fantasy environments that use colorful contrasting shapes to create worlds that are stimulating and peaceful. They want plants to fill the world.

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