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Rena Charles | Canopy Dreams

 November 2–30

Reception for the artist, November 5, 3–6pm

Canopy Dreams journeys through the reverie of an ethereal grove, exploring imaginative foliages and interlaced microbiomes. The latest artworks by Rena Charles invites the viewer through the crown of fantastical trees while also peeking under the canopy at the vibrant and whimsical understory of pollinators and perennials. Rich and naturally textured wood panels bounce and blur with variegated layers of acrylic like leaves in the wind. A unique confluence of sunshine and sky; flora and fauna; Canopy Dreams wanders through a sensational, vital, and radiant layer of nature, resplendent with life and existing somewhere between heaven and earth.

Rena Charles Biography

Inspired by nature, mountain hikes, urban walks, and travel, I paint every tree, flower, and object with its own unique character and identity. Each being’s visage differs from one another, much like personalities. They are affected by the changing light throughout the day, different seasons of the year, and surrounding objects - both natural and man-made. From an African-American and Taiwanese multi-ethnic background and brought up in the South, my aesthetic is rooted in this rich and complex backdrop. My artwork’s microcosms depict these influences through their subjects, creative process, rough-hewn materials, freehand, color palette, and spirit. Rena Charles has a Bachelor of Arts in Art History, a Minor in Visual Art, and a Minor in Environmental Studies from Emory University. She currently resides in Sonoma County, California. 

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