About Abrams Claghorn Gallery

The Abrams Claghorn Gallery pairs a curated gallery space with a museum-style store that have exhibited and sold fine and functional artworks created by diverse Bay Area artists since April 2015.

The Gallery hosts workshops that invite community members to learn about and work alongside the artists showcased in our exhibits.

As a local-based and green organization, Abrams Claghorn Gallery would like to take this opportunity to say “THANK YOU” to the community for all of their support and further share how we contribute to the Bay Area art scene and local economy.

99% of our craft and art selections are made in the San Francisco Bay Area, most of which are hand delivered by the vendors. (We sell work by 70+ local makers). This means almost no packing materials to recycle or send to the landfill. Because our selection process is based on the quality of the work, we have a diverse vendor base inclusive of gender, cultural background, and age, and we are always looking for better ways to increase the diversity of our maker base. Part of our mission is to promote emerging artists of all ages; we believe that everyone has a unique story to tell through creative expression and ACG aims to continue our mission of showcasing works that allow artists to focus on important current topics, personal feats, and masterful craftsmanship.
ACG also contributes to the local art and craft scene with many of the events we host. From our Annual Albany High School Art Show to our summer Artisan&Art Fairs to our monthly art shows featuring local artists, we never run out of reasons to celebrate our creative neighbors!
In addition to being a hub for local artists and artisans to promote their work, the staff at ACG are also locally-based creatives with strong ties to the community. Robert Abrams, ACG owner, was born and raised in Berkeley, lived in Albany, and worked on Solano Avenue while attending UC Berkeley. Robert is currently on the Solano Avenue Association Board. He has a workshop in SF where he sculpts and makes pottery. Not only does Robert provide a platform for artists through ACG, he also is a ceramics educator teaching at Laney College in Oakland and at the Mill Valley Potters’ Studio in Mill Valley.
Gallery Manager Natalie Mae Borges attended California College of the Arts and continues to paint, sculpt, and incorporate glass into her current body of artwork. She lives in Oakland where she also collaborates on commissions for other makers and clients. Gallery Associate Alina Abdella attended Albany High School and has settled down in the East Bay with her family, her art forms include professional henna for events and culinary skills. Gallery Associate Adriana is born and raised in Oakland and partakes in singing and costume design. Gallery Assistant L. Herrada-Rios was born and raised in San Francisco, organizes the Bay Area Queer Zine Fest that takes place annually in Oakland, and has contributed to local publications like Endless Canvas and SF Weekly.
The staff at ACG prides itself in actively participating in and contributing to the local art scene in the Bay Area. Through our connections and attentiveness of the local art scene, ACG has developed and collaborated with artists on workshops for established art professionals and newcomers alike, further expanding the legacy of arts in the Bay Area.


Our mission is to be a community-oriented platform for local artists with unique, underrepresented, and relevant voices. In this effort, we strive to provide a home for artists of all gender identities, cultures, ethnicities, and religions.


The Abrams Claghorn exhibition space has shown over 40 art shows by local, emerging artists since the Gallery opened in 2015.

The Gallery’s thoughtfully planned exhibitions begin with the choice of a broad concept, such as human rights, current events, and issues of identity. These concepts materialize through the selection of artists that represent the ethnic and gender demographics of the Bay Area artist community. In this way, Abrams Claghorn aims to ensure that the undistorted voice of local artists is communicated to the public.


The Abrams Claghorn store features handcrafted items and fine art originals and prints from local artists and makers.

Gallery funding comes completely from store sales. This means that a purchase from Abrams Claghorn not only directly supports artists and craftsmen, but is also what keeps our exhibits on display.


The Abrams Claghorn Gallery is always evolving. Be sure to check back soon and often!