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A fun outdoor event featuring local Bay Area vendors & non-profits who promote creative ways of repurposing, upcycling & living sustainably.
About this event:
WHO: artisans, artists & non-profits who strive to make this world a truly better place for ourselves, each other, & future generations to come through sustainable practices, as well as community outreach & education.
WHAT: approximately 15 booths with vendors & non-profits sharing their creations and/or information on what they do. There will also be on display the submissions from our "UPcycle Art Contest" for the public to vote on during the event, with prizes to follow!
WHEN: September 25, 1-6pm.
WHERE: 1245 Solano Ave in Albany, CA - in the open lot next to Abrams Claghorn Gallery.



Berkeley Fine Art Photographers


September 2- 30, 2021

Artists' reception September 11, 10am -5pm

A transition is a passage from one state, place, stage or subject to another. In the US, we are now thankfully transitioning from a terrible pandemic. Our world is opening up and we are now seeing many things we had previously taken for granted in a new light.

But transitions are hardly rare. The famous pre-Socratic philosopher Heraclitus taught us that everything is always in a state of flux. As he put it, we never step into the same river twice.
On the face of it, photography would seem ill-equipped to capture that flux. Henri Cartier-Bresson demonstrated its capacity to capture decisive moments. But can photography also inform us about transitions?
In this exhibit, the group Berkeley Fine Art Photographers attempts to do just that. There are many kinds of transitions and many interpretations on display here. We hope that viewers themselves experience transitions in thought and emotion as they observe our work and that each time, they come back to an image it is perceived in a different light. In the Abrams Claghorn Gallery, for the month of September, transition is what it’s all about.
Hopefully the experience of viewing the images in this show will contribute, at least in a small way, to the transition to a post-pandemic world that is better for all of us.

Participating Artists: Alan Steinbrugge, Robin Hultgren, Aphra Pia, Steve Napoli, Mary Martin DeShaw, Ron Rothbart, Carol F. Thomas, Tony Kay, Michael McNamara, and Jay Levy