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Video Clocks - Ken Wilkinson

Clock maker Ken Wilkinson presents an original display of clocks like never seen before. 

Unfettered from the limitations of physical clocks, Ken uses videos to explore the limitless creative possibilities of showing time with moving images. From beautiful to funny to thoughtful to downright head scratching, the clocks delight visually and mentally. An exploding kaleidoscope of color, a cute dog tracking a wayward minute, hour and minute hands that flip flop around a square clock face. Ken explores new ways to show the time and entertain at the same time.

Created from hundreds of videos displayed on multiple monitors, the show takes you through 60 plus minute cycles of visual and conceptual exploration.

Start anywhere in the hour, stop at any time, there is no beginning or end. And it's worth the watch.

This exhibit is not viewable online, please stop by the gallery Tuesdays - Sundays 10am-5pm to view the show. And make sure to come to the reception for the artist, Saturday August 20, 3-6pm.



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