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Re-Imagining Our Footprint: Hannah Skoonberg - Mirage

Re-Imagining Our Footprint: Hannah Skoonberg - Mirage

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14" x 18", Linocut


“I spend a lot of time thinking about the landscape and our place within it. In these 3 prints that connection is one of tension and some discomfort. They are all traditional landscapes in one sense, but they are not comfortable easily understood visual space. For me that tension is what I think about when I think of the ecological crisis. A desire to connect with the natural world that is obscured or out of focus.  

Mirage is an image of the desert carved as if it were a low resolution video feed. I wanted it to feel like someone set up a security camera in the desert. It's just hand carved, there are no digital tricks, just the line getting thicker and thinner. I feel like you only look at security footage when something has gone terribly badly. So the feeling of this print is like an artifact from right before some disaster. 

Hannah Skoonberg