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Curated by Yuli Barbosa

In the Gallery July 6th-July 31st

Closing Reception: Saturday July 28,  4-6pm

While borders are lines that separate two places, a tunnel is a line that connects, merges, and transports— an inverse of a border. Tunnels enable the interconnectedness of the body and the world around us. Sometimes tunnels are the most direct way through an obstacle and sometimes they offer a re-imagining of what could be, a manipulation of what is. The sculptures, paintings and performances in this show offer a way through, above, under– forging a ritual path for the in-between where anything is nascent and possible, a subterranean place for wish-making. Through a range of material this group highlights the tactility and poetics of tunnels through their biological functions, cultural interpretations, and social representations. The Bay Area artists Paz G, Lena Gustafson, Hallie Elodie, and it dive into a deeper appreciation for these vital openings where tunnels shapeshift as orifices, gateways, and portals that illuminate distinct sensory perception, facilitate communication, and activate bodily processes.

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