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Natasha Dikareva - Certain About Uncertainty

December 3 - January 15, 2021

Certain About Uncertainty

The only wisdom is what we let go of trying to know.

Comfort must be born from the uncomfortable.

You don’t need legs to walk, nor ears to hear.

For in the unknown, there is nothing to fear.

--Kona Morris

The majority of this work has been created during quarantine. My sculptures started to climb back into their shells to find a secure place during these challenging times. I was fortunate to have access to natural spaces around the Bay Area and the raw surfaces of my sculptures reflect the terrain of beaches, forests and other open landscapes.

These pieces grow appendages to feel out our frenzied social shifts and build up layers of shell and coral to protect themselves. They feel the urge to reach out but hold back, diving instead into memories and virtual reality. They are holding precious discoveries like a pearl of wisdom or a tiny shell which helps them to stay grounded during the tumult of our changing tides. After the storm passes, they will emerge again revived, with new ways of sensing the world around them, ready to rebuild and create a new destiny.
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