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Namita Paul - The Blue Sari

The blue sari has a commanding presence in my studio. Draped on a mannequin, it is traditional, opulent, and striking; as a background of a still life, it rests in its majesty. And occasionally, it is the still life—transforming into a bodily landscape as light dances across its sensual and structural folds and creases.

Namita lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. Interdisciplinary in training, she is currently an oil painter, bridging gaps between the past and present through medium, techniques, and subject matter. Using this age-old medium from the western canon and combining it with her story as a South Asian immigrant in the United States, Namita’s work examines diasporic experience through the lens of memory, relationships, and intimacy. The multivalent nature of these spaces forms the basis of her artistic practice.

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