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Hair : Sora Kheiry: Identity & Soul 2

Hair : Sora Kheiry: Identity & Soul 2

Sora Kheiry

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28.5x21", Mixed Media on Cardboard

A woman's body is the source of life and emotions. It contains a woman’s identity and soul. It is not just the organ of sexuality and eroticism, or only related to fertility function. A feminine body and soul are formed as a part of humanity.


Maryam Kheiry (Sora) is a visual artist who uses diverse mediums such as drawing, painting, photography, and video art to produce and convey the meaning to the audience in her artworks. Her focus is based on feminine identity, fertility concepts, and creation stories. Her use of women, plants, and flowers implies these concepts in the Art practice. She achieved a doctorate in Art Research from Art University in Iran, and also a master's and bachelor's degrees in Painting from the Art University of Iran. Her specialty is the social semiotics of the picture. She has many articles and lectures about the semiology of the picture in different universities and conferences. Kheiry participated in many group exhibitions in different countries and has some solo exhibitions. She is planning to use other mediums such as filmmaking in her new project on “identity and immigrant women”.