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Hair : Nasib Elahimehr : Goddess

Hair : Nasib Elahimehr : Goddess

Nasib Elahimehr

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Ceramic, approx 5-11"h
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Woman, Life, Freedom

In Iran, especially under the current political system and brutal regime, the women have been languishing in desperation, frustration, isolation and deprivation politically, socially, economically, culturally for over the past four decades since the current Islamic regime has come into existence in 1979 and they have been subjected to a range of persecution, discrimination, repression, violence and unfair and brutal treatment by a brutal and radical Islamic regime; thus they have never had the chance to freely live, work, dress and express themselves in the society simply because of so many nonsensical, irrational and medieval restrictions and limitations as well as a radical ideology the regime has imposed on the nation.

As an artist and art graduate, I am eager to take my inspiration from the movement and uprising that is taking place in my homeland Iran; have a chance to thoroughly examine the movement and do scholarly research regarding this issue.

How Is Art Involved in Iran’s Feminist Movement?

In recent developments in my home country Iran which are initiated by the women, a major fact should especially be highlighted that Iranian women after years of repression and curtailment of rights and liberties now appeared as a Goddess to launch a high-stakes fight against all the darkness, obscurity, filth and oppression that were unfairly imposed on the nation in general and on women in particular. And the point is the body of a woman, her hairs and her power of fertility are used in a creative, courageous and artistic fashion as a weapon by the women in such a fierce but quite unequal battle against the tyranny and the darkness hung over the nation.

Thank you,

Nasib Elahimehr