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Rena Charles : Canopy Dreams - Neon Glee Tree

Rena Charles : Canopy Dreams - Neon Glee Tree

Rena Charles

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4.625 x 4.625 x 1.25", Acrylic on wood panel

Canopy Dreams journeys through the reverie of an ethereal grove, exploring imaginative foliages and interlaced microbiomes.The latest artworks by Rena Charles invites the viewer through the crown of fantastical trees while also peeking under the canopy at the vibrant and whimsical understory of pollinators and perennials. Rich and naturally textured wood panels bounce and blur with variegated layers of acrylic like leaves in the wind. A unique confluence of sunshine and sky; flora and fauna; Canopy Dreams wanders through a sensational, vital, and radiant layer of nature, resplendent with life and existing somewhere between heaven and earth.