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Ana Maria Gower

Artist Statement

I start with the understanding that we do not always see the reality clearly. I believe that most of the time we operate in a semi-automatic mode polished by our ex post facto rationalization. Yet some rare moments have such a dramatic impact, that they wake us up to life and time and expose the structure of human experience.

In my work, I uncover hidden properties of our existence by studying moments of such emotional intensity reverberating in our memories, dreams, and myths. Dreams of our families, memories of violence, myths of ancient gods and heroes allow us to take a snapshot of the underlying reality that secretly guides our lives.

Looking for connections between people’s lives and dramatic events, between places and things, seeing past the obvious to capture the timeless potential of human beings is my process. My subjects are chosen not for the visual beauty or situational importance, but for their existential significance and the insights it can provide. My goal is to create a truthful art that speaks to what people from all cultures and societies intuitively comprehend, but rarely put into words.

About Ana Maria

Serbian-British mixed media artist studying the delicate fabric of memories, time, and physical body.

Inspired by memories, past, path of life, organic textures, unusual materials, and human body, Ana Maria's work tries to depict an encounter with the forces of life, interpret it from the (often) expressionist point of view, and present a distilled meaning to the public.

Graduate of Central Saint-Martins, she participated in numerous exhibitions in the UK, Serbia, and the United States.

Currently lives and works in San Francisco Bay Area.

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