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Work & Worship: Azeem Khaliq- Allahu Akbar

Work & Worship: Azeem Khaliq- Allahu Akbar

Azeem Khaliq

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36" x 36"

Acrylics Ink on canvas

Description: Artists visualize human emotions with paints and colors. We experience conflicting emotions of pain and pleasure; but I believe that no matter what we must always thank our Creator.

The words “God is Great” present this concept.

Artist Statement: I am inspired by my deep faith in the Divine and bright colors of flowers, birds and animals and of the nature surrounding me. My favorite painting tool is knife and I work in oils and acrylic inks to express my experiences of life in abstract and floral paintings. I have come through hardships in life and painting has survived me as happy and content, full of life and vitality.  I have developed my own unique style of writing Arabic Calligraphy which is informed by the traditional styles.