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Work & Worship: Sehar Shahzad-God is Beautiful

Work & Worship: Sehar Shahzad-God is Beautiful

Sehar Shahzad

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24" x 36" x 2"


Artist’s Statement: Arabic calligraphy is an instrument that glorifies the word of God through its delicate balance of graceful flowing letters and intricate sharp details that command the eye of the beholder. Though my journey as an artist began with a general love for painting and drawing, my inclination towards the beauty of this art form became devotion as I gradually grew in my understanding of Islam. I am inspired to share this passion by spreading the word of God through the time-honored tradition of Arabic calligraphy so that others can not only witness its physical beauty, but also be captivated by its spiritual power. I have come to consider this work an act of worship in the shadow of those who have come before me and to illuminate a path for those to come after.