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Work & Worship: Bassamat Bahnasy-Jonah's Prayer

Work & Worship: Bassamat Bahnasy-Jonah's Prayer

Bassamat Bahnasy

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18" x 24"

Acrylic on Canvas

Description: This painting is inspired from the verse “There is none worthy of worship beside You, Quran: The Prophets (21:87)

Glorified are You, Indeed I am of the wrongdoers”

 When Prophet Jonah (peace be upon him) was in the belly of the fish under the darkness of the ocean, he called out to his Lord with this prayer. And God delivered him from his ordeal. The noblest of prayers, it is recited in time of calamity as well as times of wellbeing.


Statement: I love using the art of Arabic Calligraphy in my paintings, not just for the meaning of the writing, but also for the beauty of its line. The use of Islamic patterns along with the Arabic Calligraphy not in a traditional way, frees my imagination and provides many opportunities for happy accident and grace to influence the finished product.