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Tunnels | Lena Gustafson - YMCA

Tunnels | Lena Gustafson - YMCA

Lena Gustafson

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Artist Bio

Lena Gustafson (b. San Francisco 1989) is a painter and multi-disciplinary artist living and working in the east bay, CA. Her paintings depict scenes of transformation often with figures or plants merging with their environment. Primary themes in Gustafson's work include body memory, repression, sequential evolution, and reciprocity. She received her BFA from the Art Institute of Boston in 2011. 



In this work Lena’s background in teaching swim lessons and open water swimming deeply influences the paintings and drawings in this exhibition. Lena effortlessly channels tunnel forms and metaphorical tunnels of the subconscious and subterranean to offer places of contemplation and transformation. These tunnels connect bodies, plants, and our structural environment to offer alternate pathways to understanding systems and connection. Furthermore Lena states in a recent interview, “The source of my creative interests come from systems in the plant world and the human body. I like to look at old illustrated images of the lymphatic system, the nervous system, or the photosynthesis process. I like to take walks looking for patterns, color schemes, or compositions.”