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Thriving in Place: Selina Lee - Wild Mind Seed

Thriving in Place: Selina Lee - Wild Mind Seed

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24 x 18.75", Oil on Canvas


Artist Statement


“Wild Mind Seed” is an ode to Octavia Butler, a black, female sci-fi writer who symbolizes artistic resilience and wisdom. Octavia’s face is transformed into a window of clouds and blue sky, representing the wonderful “infinite creative process”. The bouquet of wild mushrooms that blossoms from her crown represents both the source of her imagination and the creative resilience seen in our destructive world. I created this honorary portrait during the BLM protests when people of color were given a platform to voice their stories and spark change in our country. 

Artist Bio:

Selina Lee is a native San Francisco artist, who believes art is the universal language that can break and bridge socio-economic barriers. She uses art as a tool for storytelling and to initiate thoughtful conversations. And during times of difficulty, she turns her pain into paintings of hope and resilience. Currently, she is creating surrealist watermelon world oil paintings that combine her love for landscapes and imaginative adventure to offer a moment of creative relief. Instagram: @selinaleeartist