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Thriving in Place: John Andrew Rice - Grave Stones

Thriving in Place: John Andrew Rice - Grave Stones

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18 x 24", Digital Print

Artist Statement



The photograph Gravestones  was taken at the  Albany Bulb in the city of Albany, California.  This former landfill on the San Francisco Bay has been the site of a variety of urban art, including murals, sculpture and graffiti.  Until 2014, it was occupied by dozens of homeless, who were evicted and offered financial assistance in relocating. It is now widely used by the public, who enjoy walking its network of trails.

Artist Statement

In recent years, the art and craft of photography has been an increasingly important part of my life.  My work has been exhibited in publications and in local galleries. 

I participate in local photography groups and in online forums. Appreciating the work of fellow photographers and sharing mine with them has added depth and breadth, both aesthetically and socially.  I am fortunate to be part of an active and talented group in the East Bay. To quote Robert Adams, “Your own photography is never enough.”

We live in a time of wrenching stress.  The planet is threatened by global warming, American democracy is threatened by Trump and his enablers, we are in the midst of suffering a global pandemic, and the country  has reawakened to the cruelties of endemic racism. As a consequence, my work has changed.  The emotional content of my photos has come more to the fore,  both in terms of the specific subject matter, and more broadly by changes in the way I see the world around me — what attracts my attention and what moves me in the local environment to which I am currently restricted.



I can be contacted at,  and my work can be seen online: