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Thriving in Place: Janis Burger - Creating Change

Thriving in Place: Janis Burger - Creating Change

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11 x 8" , Digital print


Artist Bio

 I am self-taught photographer and have been making pictures over the past 6 years, focusing more on my photography since retirement in 2018. I have taken workshops with several renowned photographers including Mary Ellen Mark, Magdalena Sole, Maggie Steeber and Peter Turnley. I incorporate what I’ve learned from them and my fellow workshop participants to expand my way of looking at and documenting the world around me.

Artist Statement: Walking the neighborhoods during the time of Covid and Black Lives Matter I discovered new streets I had never been on, new communities I had not noticed, new areas of the Berkeley Hills filled with beauty and nature. As a street photography I was most intrigued by the creative work of my neighbors, chalk art on every block, people creating  art in garages and children inventing games on their blocks. I always thought I had to travel to new places to find interesting photos but was delighted to find so much In my own neighborhood when you go slow and keep your eyes open.