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Shimmer: VestaMaria Gonzalez: Cry Me A River

Shimmer: VestaMaria Gonzalez: Cry Me A River

VestaMaria Gonzalez

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27 x 21 “

Oil pastel, glitter chalk, and acrylic on paper 

Crying (definition)
Crying is the dropping of tears in response to an emotional state or pain.
Emotional states that lead to crying: sadness, anger, hopelessness.
River (definition)
A river is a natural flow of running water that follows a well-defined permanent path usually within a valley.
A woman cries from the depth of her soul. The liquid from her human tears form a river leading to the sea. The woman hopes she can produce enough tears to replenish lakes, streams, rivers and oceans that are dying on our earth. The red yellow line represents the recent wave of forest fires. The woman believes her tears will protect the trees and help put out the fires.
Mostly, she cries knowing in her heart that her tears alone will not help mankind.