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Shimmer: Jan Wurm: Fishing

Jan Wurm

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48 x 36 "
Oil on Canvas

On display in the gallery- Only the middle panel.
Jan Wurm's artwork on display in this show work is here courtesy of SHOH Gallery, Berkeley.

Shimmer and Shine, Glisten and Glow
Waking to the gurgle of the creek in the morning, walking down to the lake lapping at the shore, waiting for the humming ocean at sunset – water fills every place I settle, it marks the passage of time.
Wet and wild, warm and enveloping, cool and invigorating – water excites to bathe, splash, swim, chase, paddle, glide, slide, surf and sail. Rivers of water bend beyond sight, exciting the imagination to adventures of the unexplored. Oceans of water in all directions reach up to the skies, expanding meditations of unmeasured time.
The light bounces off the surface in shimmering patterns. Sometimes, in the shallows, the light penetrates and captures the glistening sea creatures just below. And sometimes, on very quiet, wind-still afternoons, the water shines, reflecting back a peaceful portrait in the warm glow of summer.