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Shimmer: Fleur Spolidor: Girl with Balloon

Shimmer: Fleur Spolidor: Girl with Balloon

Fleur Spolidor

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20 x 20 x 1 "

Digital photo manipulation printed on aluminum

Underwater scene, Sunday, early afternoon. A little girl, with a bubble of oxygen covering her head and body, is holding a balloon with a bird in it. She looks at the Alice in Wonderland sculpture on display in Central Park, NYC. The bronze sculpture is also protected against the water by a dome. The elements transformed the park into an underwater jungle. A school of fish is swimming around the little girl, curious. As spectators of this surreal scene, we can ask ourselves which is stranger: Lewis Caroll’s book or the global warming situation which risks to drastically change our way of life. With this image, I wish to propose a projection into a future altered by climate change. What if we didn’t make an effort to change our trajectory? What if global warming got worse? How would it affect our lives? In these scenes of a possible future I imagine our daily life in a liquid environment and I waver between wonder and worries. This scene is created on my iPad and printed on an aluminum panel. The metal shows through the image, giving a unique translucent luminescence to the surface and inviting the spectators to place themselves in the image, the metal surface acting as a mirror.