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Shimmer: Carol Benioff: Afloat

Shimmer: Carol Benioff: Afloat

Carol Benioff

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40 x 13.25 "

$800 each piece. Please contact the gallery if you would like to purchase one or two of the three.

Gouache on paper 140 lb.

My work consists of series of prints, paintings or drawings that are open ended narratives focusing effects of social change and upheavals on our psyche.

Water often is the context for my images. Water becomes the place for the narration.

Water encompasses extremes: droughts to floods, calming to terrifying, serene to powerful, life sustaining to drowning. Water is essential to all life, and to the survival of planet earth.

In the series Afloat, the dislocated masks or heads are lost at sea. Humans can not survive unaided in water. If we are not grounded, we lose touch with our identity and our connections.