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Scarf Spree: (S) Red Flower 44

Scarf Spree: (S) Red Flower 44"x44" Large Silk Square Scarf

Scarf Spree

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Red Flower 44"x44" Large Silk Square Scarf

This hand-crafted art is individually hand painted or dyed with love and care – therefore each product is unique.  Design technique is derived from the ancient Japanese Shibori technique, and its various forms. Color palettes are inspired from nature, and all of its glorious forms.   

Scarf Spree was founded by Kristen Kohary, a San Francisco Bay Area resident and Artist who specializes in textile design. Her design influence is derived from the ancient Japanese shibori technique and its various forms. Product ranges from the highest quality sustainable natural silk, cashmere, and cotton wearable fashion accessories - to kitchen, dining, and home goods for daily use and dining accoutrements.

One of a kind Wearable Art and Fashion Accessories Include:

  • Scarves, Wraps, Shawls, Hijabs
  • Bandanas, Pocket Squares, Handkerchiefs, Face Coverings Home Goods and Kitchen/Dining Inventory Include:
  • Dining Napkins, Table Runners, Kitchen/Tea Towels, Coasters
  • Pillow Cases