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Re-Imagining Our Footprint: Nicole Rose Gelormino - Mound 1

Re-Imagining Our Footprint: Nicole Rose Gelormino - Mound 1

Nicole Rose Gelormino

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Mound 1
8.5 x 11" collage on paper


Artist Statement 

In politics, the medical industry and elsewhere, women's bodies are used as metaphors for that which is broken, tarnished or available for consumption. The metaphor aids white patriarchal dominance and control over women and people of color. My work explores the impact of this metaphor on women's bodies. Patriarchy and colonialism have sown the seeds of political unrest and environmental decay and now we are reaping its impact. But if Chaos is the Mother, then I wonder how life might be reborn. How do we honor that which created us, enabled us, tolerated our violence, and will ultimately swallow us back up? These collages of environmental disasters in the shapes of pubic mounds explore the edges of eco-feminism, our ambivalence about maternal bodies and the possibilities of transformation therein.