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Re-Imagining Our Footprint: Elizabeth Addison - Form Functions

Elizabeth Addison

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Elizabeth AddisonForm Functions
11” x 11” x 1”, framed, Mixed media (sample teaching print, recycled Christmas card, eco printmaking ink on recycled paper)
Form Functions, Mandala 012620  belongs to my Daily Practice – Visual Journal series. Since January 1, 2018, I have created a unique, meditative artwork each day. They respond to real-time happenings, political or social issues, my inner life and observations. Daily Practice mandalas are intentionally petite in scale. Many are the rebirth of failed, older or incomplete works, giving them a new life. Form Functions’ lineage includes a recycled Christmas card and a demo teaching print utilizing organic materials and eco ink. For two decades, my studio has been solvent-free and, more recently, I migrated to eco inks and natural pigments for printmaking. I have made it my intention to create works that recycle, repurpose, and employ frugality and no-waste practices. Form Functions created on January 26, 2020, just as COVID-19 began to dominate the news.