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One Nest : Earthworks: Pairing 1: Vicki Gunter One Nest, Canary & Elephant Series

Vicki Gunter

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9" x 15" x 15", Ceramic (clay, stains, underglaze, glaze, beeswax, plastic grocery ties), 2020

I love birds…They thrill me when they visit my garden of native plants, that attract the insects that thrill them. While writing this statement I spotted 16 species including some with fledglings.

They won’t all make-it. They have to survive the gauntlet of feral cats, pesticides in neighbors’ yards leaching into the creek, and of course lack of habitat to build the next nest. Let’s plant more native plants to attract the most critical bird-baby-food⏤ yummy soft caterpillars! The entire food web depends on insects for all those who eat.

One Nest has been simmering in my mind for years. My first image formed upon hearing of the Yemen famine in 2017 & the UN warning in 2018 that 13 million people there faced starvation in “the worst famine in the world in 100 years.” The final sculpture expanded to a larger worldview to imply all species and how we sustain ourselves. Yes, this piece is shaped like a STOP sign!