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One Nest : Earthworks: Pairing 8: Vicki Gunter: Farewell to Spring …In Everything Series

Vicki Gunter

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Farewell to Spring …In Everything Series

Ceramic (clay, underglaze, glaze, beeswax, encaustic, wire), 19 x 26 x 10 inches, 2019


Farewell to Spring is dedicated to my dear friend & fellow dancer Marnie Anderson. Our last conversation had to be simple. I asked, “What is your favorite color?” She said “Purple”. I asked what are your favorite flowers and she said “Too hard”. So, I asked, “What color are your favorite flowers?” “Purple” Via my cell I took her for a walk and we saw these  purplish California natives: Clarkia (common name Farewell to Spring), a spray of Lupine & Violet. All 7 times normal size, the Clarkia pistil twists into a DNA helix. I told Marnie I would make this sculpture so she would always be remembered.