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Devastating Loves & Transcendent Hatreds : Niloufar Farzam : Broken Heart

Devastating Loves & Transcendent Hatreds : Niloufar Farzam : Broken Heart

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Broken Heart
Oil on canvas 
24 x 24 inches, 2023

Broken Heart is one of a series of oil paintings inspired by my personal journey. Only a year has passed since I navigated life's challenges without my cherished mother. Her absence is an overwhelming presence, surpassing even Maya Angelou's metaphorical "Country of No Returns." Within the confines of my heart, my grief appears as a concentrated obsidian blot. 

My rational mind resists its relentless grasp, while my heart clings to the darkness that flows through me, indifferent to the world's reason and responsibility. My artwork serves as a testament to the love I hold for my mother, a love that finds its ultimate expression on these canvases—a self-portrait of my soul's deepest ache.

The act of creation serves as my final tribute, mourning transformed into a comforting yet bittersweet embrace. Here love and hatred engage in a turbulent dance of emotions, finding solace within the confines of my fractured heart.

Nilou Farzam's artwork is a visual representation of her emotional journey through loss and grief. She uses an intense color palette to convey the profound sense of mourning.

The central motif in each piece is a concentrated red spot symbolizing the depth of her grief. She employs layered brushstrokes to create texture and depth, drawing the viewer's eye toward the heart of each painting, where the emotions are most intense. The contrast between the devastating love she holds for her mother and the transcendent hatred she feels for the circumstances of her passing is a central theme in her work and it manifests itself through the interplay of colors, composition and symbolism.