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Liberation, Celebration & Defiance: Donna Meke'da Bradley-F.I.T (Fuck It Then)

Liberation, Celebration & Defiance: Donna Meke'da Bradley-F.I.T (Fuck It Then)

Donna Mekeda Bradley

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21x17, Graphic Photography Print

 As a poet first, and 2 & 3d designer I tend to use

          mediums that transcends to me as visual poetry.


          The process of mixing media gives me the chance to 

          experiment with techniques in various styles, capture

          and merge the world’ s harmony or disharmony

          through concept. In abstracting forms, and enticement of  

          color or no color through light and lens, is a way to document 

          stories, memories, illusions, and perspective. I use imagery

          similar  like metaphors in writing, or a play on words unwritten.


          The camera is an extension of my vision, and a shared

          interpretation of the world viewed as, and described by 

          the eye of a poet. The artistic result is work that relates to

          social, and cultural content to seduce dialogue of the viewer.


          It is also the love of process that lures me to use the tangible 

          photograph as media, and deconstructing the image to create

          collage, graphics and other two, and three dimensional 

          composition in abstraction and surrealism.   


          My latest work is based on identity and discovery as an artist an

          and its ongoing journey.