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Jan Schachter: Black Vase

Jan Schachter: Black Vase

Jan Schachter

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Beautiful handcrafted ceramic vase

I enjoy making pots for everyday use; each is a subtle variation of a form – usually created in a series. I am a perfectionist (as much as the process allows) and am constantly in search of the perfect surface and ideal form while striving to create pots that have life and vitality. I love having the opportunity to fire in a wood kiln and make special work for that to take advantage of the ash & heat. 

Working in clay is an endless technical challenge. Perhaps my training as a microbiologist has helped provide me with the patience required to not just physically create my work, but to push through those technical challenges and the unending variables to create the work I envision. I am also a very practical person, which leads me to primarily make pots for use.