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In Reverence to the Feminine : Tracy Ren | River Rocks Ripple

In Reverence to the Feminine : Tracy Ren | River Rocks Ripple

Tracy Ren

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River Rocks Ripple, Tracy Ren, 2023, Plywood, Air Dry Clay, Resin, River Rocks, $600

Artist Statement

Based in San Francisco | unceded Ramaytush Ohlone land

My work is rooted in a desire to find meaning in the mundane, deepen my connection to spirit, and gain a more nuanced understanding of my ancestral culture. I explore these interlocking subjects through a practice of observation and research paired with object making, using primarily craft materials and techniques to create sculptures, paintings, installations, and more. Aesthetically and conceptually, I’m driven by the poetics of my surroundings, namely within the domestic sphere, the built environment, and the natural world. At its core, my practice is one of (be)longing, of relating —  an exploration in the ways in which hold one another, both within and across space and time.

River Rocks Ripple

This work is inspired by the title of Ocean Vuong's second collection of poems, "Time is a Mother", which he wrote following the death of his own mother. The phrase holds so much meaning to me as someone who has had a tumultuous past, having felt wholly alone for the majority of my life. I don't feel this way anymore, but when I talk to my inner child I remind them that time is indeed our collective mother. My hope is that this sculpture can communicate that on some level, but as is with all my work it is open to multiple interpretations.