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In Reverence to the Feminine : Simone SkinTone | Divine Flower

In Reverence to the Feminine : Simone SkinTone | Divine Flower

Simone SkinTone

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Divine Flower, Simone SkinTone, 2020, Oil Paint,  48.5 x 72"$5000.

Artist Statement

Based in Oakland | unceded Huichin land

The recurring themes in my work are rooted in nature, Self-Awareness, and the Divine Feminine Energy that surrounds us all. The reflection between my own existential awareness and a phase in a plant's life cycle has given birth to my signature style of transmuting the female form with plants and other botanical motifs. My creative process has also been informed by nature and each piece develops organically; a patient, meditative process that is modeled after nature's patience and divine timing. With each series being a sequel to the last, I explore spirituality through the lens of a different stage in a plant's life cycle, like "Pollination" (2020), "Seeds" (2023), and my current body of work entitled, "Flowers" (2024).  I give gratitude for the opportunity to experience nature every day, being a Nursery Technician, and by seeing how healing mother nature is for me, I'm encouraged to share that with others.

Everything Reflected & Divine Flower

My work is an acknowledgment of sacred synchronicities, and it explores black spirituality as being an intentional connection between celestial blackness and Mother Nature. It features women sprouting and housed within a diverse array of flowers, seeds, and a plethora of other botanical motifs. The imagery communicates symbolic analogies between the human experience and phases of a plant's life cycle; while also reclaiming our ancestral birthright to a conscious connection and relationship with the land.