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In Reverence to the Feminine :  Savannah Whitfield | We are the Light

In Reverence to the Feminine : Savannah Whitfield | We are the Light

Savannah Whitfield

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We are the Light, Savannah Whitfield, 2024, Acrylic on Canvas, 16" x20" $500

Artist Statement

Based in San Francisco | unceded Ramaytush Ohlone land 

I grew up nurturing my logical brain. I was the math kid and although I always considered myself creative, visual arts took a back seat. In my adult life, I encourage the artist in me to bloom. My artistic style taps into my root love of math by utilizing geometric figures to tell the larger stories of love, loss, and all that lies between. 

We are the Light

“We are the Light” captures the power of the Black femme. We radiate strength by merely existing. The use of gold glitter exemplifies this brightness of this strength and emphasis the fact that without Us, the world would be a darker place. The piece explores the power of the Black femme form. The two figures reach towards the statues and golden glitter emerges- illuminating their connection to the sun and the moon. The celebratory colors and abstract geometric paths that connect the people to the sky represent the discovery that the light was within them all along. We are the Light is a part of a larger work titled “Little Worlds” that uses the geo-abstract style to explore the complexity of the human condition.