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In Reverence to the Feminine : Mariela de la Paz | Water Dakini

In Reverence to the Feminine : Mariela de la Paz | Water Dakini

Mariela de la Paz

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Water Dakini, Mariela de la Paz, 2016, Giclée on Canvas after Original Oil, 18x29",


Artist Statement

Based in Sebastopol | unceded Miwok territory

My paintings are a language of clarity and eloquence, effortlessly conveying the essence of women, their power, love, wisdom, and the sacred connection with Mother Earth. The term "Mapuche," translating to "earth people," encapsulates the simplicity and profundity of my artistic expression. Engaging in the physical act of painting, I transform into a shamanic scribe, preparing my palette and tools for communication with otherworldly realms. The right-side mode of my brain takes over, transcending the constraints of time. This sacred process, a healing journey for the mind, grants the freedom to traverse realms of existence.

Water Dakini

This painting is a documentation of all sources of water on earth, including glaciers, oceans, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, rainclouds, geysers, hotsprings, water caves, mist and dew. 

In the center, a high priestess in prayer blesses the water. This figure is associated with the Buddhist Goddess Quan-Yin, Mother of Compassion, and with the Goddess Oshun of the Orisha, Mother of the Sweet Waters and fertility.