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In Reverence to the Feminine : kahalla | the Ancestors

In Reverence to the Feminine : kahalla | the Ancestors


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kahalla, Oil Paint and Magazine, Digitally Collaged, 24x24" $200

Artist Statement

Based in Oakland | unceded Huichin land

kahalla (ka’ala) is a Queer Black and Ilúko healing practitioner, educator, and history-keeper from the unceded lands known as Oakland and Vallejo. Their work interweaves practices of channeling and retrieval, with the intention of cultivating living bridges that connect Ancestral and interpersonal histories to collective liberation-rooted futures.

Across their communal roles, kahalla holds multigenerational threads between materiality, somatic embodiment, and quantum healing. kahalla currently serves as a multi-media storyteller, a practitioner of transDiasporic healing modalities, and a steward of Earth relations. 

the Ancestors

the god i worship recreates itself, day by day. hands in the soil. water mixed with blood. i have never known a skin that was new nor one who wasn’t born from a history of abominable mistakes that were no coincidence. the god i worship, i know it from WayWay back, and she knows me, though it pains her when i forget her name and call her my fear. she is forgiving, though not too patient (she knows the enemy likes to wear our faces). redesigning ruin, all decomposes. like us. and we decide who we want to be again.