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In Reverence to the Feminine :  Jo Bulaong | Prayer on a Butterfly's Wing

In Reverence to the Feminine : Jo Bulaong | Prayer on a Butterfly's Wing

Jo Bulaong

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"Prayer on a Butterfly's Wing" : Tatu ticket + print price: $50. Tatu ticket claims this unique design for one person and is valid/redeemable for 2 years until March 2026. This ticket does not cover financial exchange for the final tatu. 

When the tatu ticket is ready to be claimed, the tatu will be completed at an hourly handpoking rate of $150/hour. This design is estimated to take around 3 hours. Tattoo ceremony will involve ancestral invitation, meditation, and blessing of the completed tattoo. Open to payment plans, trade, and barter for final tatu exchange upon discussion.

Artist Statement

Based in Sacramento | unceded Nisenan land

My work is deeply ancestor centered and earth-based, all that I create is channeled directly from these wise teachers and I am humbled to listen to them.  My practice explores the intimate, passionate, and magical intersections of this cosmic ecosystem that surrounds us. A place where grief and love and rage and joy all dance together in harmony. I especially enjoy transmuting this art into prayer pieces to be tattooed on the body, weaving medicine through flesh and ink. By marking ourselves, we send this medicine to all of those in our lineage who shared the same body and passed down our blood. 

Prayer on a Butterfly's Wing, Ode to the 4 Elements, Tatu Spells to Claim Pleasure

These designs are meant to be tattoo prayers on your body. By weaving intention and spells with blood ritual, we merge the spiritual and physical realms together. Every single dot is an ancient song for your healing, collective liberation, and reclamation of our sacred destinies. By working with our bodies, we are working with all of the ancestors in our lineage since our body is a direct inheritance from them. These tattoos are acts of devotion committing to your truth. The final tattoos are completed by handpoke, no machine, to slow us down to the rhythm of the earth.

Through these myths, I have come to feel that my drawing is leading me on a path of discovery.

A link has formed in me from my early childhood reverence, the universal nature-myths and my work today. By using visions sparked from nature-myth, poetry and dreams, I like to create works that impart a celebration and homage to life around us. I love the quote from Joseph Campbell, “This is the function of art, to express the rapture of being alive.”