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In Reverence to the Feminine : Devon Lodge | Healing Old Wombs

In Reverence to the Feminine : Devon Lodge | Healing Old Wombs

Devon Lodge

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Healing Old Wombs, Devon Lodge, 2022, Acrylic, fabric, paper, Mylar, thread, RastAfri braiding hair, yarn, lavender, California sage, rosemary,  10 x20"


Artist Statement

Based in Oakland | unceded Huichin land

Devon Lodge is a multidisciplinary artist working to create art as offerings. Their practice draws from cycles of life involving transition, shedding, and growing. Devon’s experience of loss informs their desire to preserve memories of loved ones and to reconnect with their African and Filipino ancestors across the diaspora. Devon turns to the natural world for guidance and inspiration to visually express their emotions.

Healing Old Wombs

This piece first emerged as a vision while reflecting on the ways I’ve carried pain from violation, disrespect, and hate within my body. I saw myself on the ground, borderlining sleep and death, surrounded by ancestor spirits. One ancestor crouched down offering a white flower to my womb as a healing remedy while the rest gathered in a circle of protection. The bundles above and below are California sage, rosemary, lavender and Rastafri braiding hair, cut from my head commemorating the release of past me’s.