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Fragments: Marking Time - Anne Shulenberger - Dark Monolith

Fragments: Marking Time - Anne Shulenberger - Dark Monolith

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11” h / 7”w / 5”d, Raku-fired Ceramic

Anne Shulenberger grew up in the mid west (Kansas), moved east for college (graduating from Brandeis University), then came west to California where she has stayed for almost fifty years. Having lived in San Francisco and Oakland, she now resides in Walnut Creek.

The subjects of Anne Shulenberger’s sculptural art are usually figures and/or landscapes, with an emphasis on color and texture.  Clay is her favorite medium and she often either raku fires or pit fires her pieces. The sculptures exhibited here were all created since the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic; each in its own way is about the fragmented nature of the times we have been living through.