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Echoes of Freedom | Renata Gray - Sisterlocs

Echoes of Freedom | Renata Gray - Sisterlocs

Renata Gray

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4 x 8", Ceramic

Renata Gray is an Oakland native. She graduated from U.C.
Berkeley with a Masters in Architecture and now a retiree from
The Port of Oakland.

"While at The Port, I took some graphic
design courses which opened more doors. During my free time,
I enjoy creating Ceramics (clay babies) and working with bamboo
(ancestral/heritage poles). We all feel something when we view art
It can range from feeling love, peace, racial issues, empowerment.
Each piece has been inspired by someone or some event in my life.
I try to translate that feeling, that experience into a visual for all to
enjoy. This is my gift to you. From my spirit to yours."