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Devastating Loves & Transcendent Hatreds : Laura Phelps Rogers : Mrs. Winter on the Edge 2

Devastating Loves & Transcendent Hatreds : Laura Phelps Rogers : Mrs. Winter on the Edge 2

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Mrs. Winter on the Edge 2
Silver gelatin photo on paper, 9 x 12 inches, 2021

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The two images selected for this exhibition were created with the work of Cindy Sherman in mind. I had been contemplating the work of Richard Avedon at the same time and had arranged for a friend to be a model in the scenarios to create a series of photographic works with film for darkroom processing. I am a metal caster so process based mediums interest me and darkroom photography offers that. The model in these images is my friend of many years, Gloria. We had talked about wrapping her up in a garden hose Avedon style, but a friend of my father’s mother died, and her name was Mrs. Winter. I assisted with the sale of her things and wound up with many of her vintage clothes. She was very proper, and from there in the backdrop of my mid-century modern home, the idea of contrasting primness with vicious anger was born. It played out in this diptych with Gloria dressed in Mrs. Winter’s clothes. Mustering hate in her gaze, the photo was snapped, with her calm and sense of relief captured in the second image, after the deed was done. 

Laura Phelps Rogers is a contemporary artist working primarily in the mediums of cast iron and bronze. Working from her studio in Denver, CO, a substantial portion of her practice explores gender related topics using her preferred medium to contrast femininity with durability and strength. Through her medium and installations, she has mastered additional media to advance her messages. She has several sculptural quilts to her credit and is interested in social engagement as part of her practice. Widely exhibited, Laura exhibits internationally as a member of the Artnauts collective. She was born in Colorado and earned her BFA in sculpture from the University of Colorado Denver. Currently, Laura is a candidate for a master’s degree from the Maryland Institute of Art. She has completed several residencies and post graduate studies at Otis College in Los Angeles in Curatorial Practice and NFTs.