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Fragments: Marking Time - Madelin C. Wolf - Fluctuation

Fragments: Marking Time - Madelin C. Wolf - Fluctuation

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Black and White Linoleum block print
13” x 13”


At five years old, I decided to be an artist. I’ve had many detours along the way, yet was fortunate to receive by BA from UC Berkeley in Art Practice. Convinced, I would paint for the rest of my life, attending a quilt show pulled me toward a different medium: fabric. I created quilts and started a small business doing quilting and quilt restoration During this time, I became interested in something called the 12 x 12 Challenge. The first year I created mixed media pieces. Then, in subsequent years, I decided to focus on printmaking. I tried many alternative techniques and continue to pursue unusual methods of making prints. Next on my agenda is something called “Kitchen Lithography” which uses aluminum foil as a substitute for a lithography stone or metal plate. What a novel process to explore!

About my Art

For the past six years I have been exploring alternative printmaking techniques as well as using leftover scraps from my quilt restoration and quilting business to make art. I’ve achieved distinctive results using a self-made gelatin plate printing, dry point etching on plastic taken from food packaging (The print was obtained using a hand-cranked pasta rolling machine.), incising mat board and Tetra Pak to make collagraphs and trying out paper lithography. One of the prints presented is a standard linoleum block print. The other two were made by placing a gelatin print on a linoleum block and running it through a press. The fabric pieces use trimmed scraps or “fragments” from making quilt bindings for clients. These remnants would ordinarily be thrown away but they have become my palette. The nature of the raw-edge appliqué will change over time, fraying and adding to the overall texture. I’ve enjoyed these explorations and look forward to my next art-making adventure.