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Bio-Morphic - Dixie Brown - Wave Dancers I

Bio-Morphic - Dixie Brown - Wave Dancers I

Dixie Brown

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Dimensions vary significantly according to installation. Approximately 9” high x 10’ wide x 8’ deep. Materials: Crocheted natural and synthetic yarns, acrylic medium, felt lining, stuffing.


Green is seen as the color of life and growth.

Fanciful shapes of life forms in the ocean inspire my imagination.

The movement of waves implies a flexible material that linear textiles provide.

These strands are manipulated by crochet and braiding, varying color, diameter, density, stiffness, and stitch to create active contours.

     By joining multiple strands, I metaphorically stitch a ‘web of life” for a biome which is endangered: the seabed habitat of kelp.

     Recent changes near our shores are too rapid to allow survival of the many lifeforms

that depend on kelp, for instance fish, sea otters, and humans.

     Conservation efforts may be able to interrupt this change.